Hampleman: A polemical view

How many Republicans can you get into a clown car? All of them!

America watched as the House made a circus and a mockery of our political system. The House members who supported the insurrection of Jan. 6 and the “big lie” are now dictating their agenda to McCarthy, their neutered speaker.

He gave away the farm in order to become the speaker of the House. In his world, power is everything — it trumps honor, oath, morality, and the Constitution. He is willing to take his directions from the House insurrectionists and a dishonored ex-president. Together, he and they are willing to take America down.

His House will try to defund many of the programs that favor the majority of the electorate. Chances are that they will also attempt to defund America’s support for the Ukrainians fight for democracy against Russia.

Election deniers and wackos, although a minority, are now in positions of power. They will use their committee positions to push forward their lies, which caused the attempted Jan. 6 insurrection.

The Republicans have no platform. Their only goal is to marginalize democracy. They will try to deceive America and repeat their lies until, as the Fascist doctrine stated, “Repeat lies enough, and they will be accepted as the truth.”

George Santos is now the Republican’s poster child, and that seems appropriate. I believe in the long run, American voters will rise up in righteous indignation and end the Republicans’ choke-hold on truth.

Dick Hampleman