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Hall of Fame Board: An evening brimming with Aspenites

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The sold-out 37th Aspen Hall of Fame banquet at the Hotel Jerome on April 15 will be an evening brimming with Aspenites, former Aspenites, expats, and community members who revel in surrounding themselves with the people and stories woven into the fabric of Aspen. How lucky are we?!

One of the highlights of the evening will be the premier of video profiles of each of this year’s inductees: Tom and Jody Cardamone, Georgia Herrick Hanson, and the late Walt Smith. The videos were produced by Chris MacDonald of Fuse Media, himself a “grown up Aspen kid” who is making his mark as a storyteller. 

We understand that not everyone can join us at the event, but we want you to know that you can view the videos after the fact on the Aspen Hall of Fame website: aspenhalloffame.org or on YouTube by searching for Aspen Hall of Fame. We will upload the 2023 videos to these sites in the week or so after the event this Saturday. You can also find the video profiles of inductees dating back to the very first Hall of Fame banquet in 1987. 

If you’re attending the event, we look forward to seeing you! If you are not attending, we’ll miss you but we know you’re out there and, who knows? Perhaps you will be inducted into the Aspen Hall of Fame one day or will nominate someone who should be! 

Thank you for the love we feel.

The Aspen Hall of Fame Board of Directors