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Guggenheim: Unique hospital

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am writing in support of Dr. Greg Balko for Aspen Valley Hospital Board of Directors. Aspen Valley Hospital is a unique hospital.

Members on the board need to be familiar with our community and challenges of running a rural hospital with high end expectations and care. I believe that the board has been successful in accomplishing the needs of our community hospital in what have been three very challenging years.

During his time on the board, there has been continued expansion of the hospital and more access to sub-specialty physicians and sub-specialty care. I feel strongly that the presence of Aspen Valley Hospital medical staff on the board is invaluable.

Dr. Balko has been a diligent member on the board, is a well-respected physician in the community, and Aspen Valley Hospital will benefit from his ongoing service. 

Charlene Guggenheim, M.D.