Guest commentary: What ever you do, don’t offend the bears

Glenn Sliva

Have you ever thought about global warming as one of earth’s natural cycles — not caused by man but by an ongoing natural process? I’d like to expose some lesser-known facts and share some thoughts supporting this notion that are often overlooked by the media.

Keep an open mind, and if you don’t believe me, check my facts; you’ll be surprised what isn’t being reported. This should be fun, and I hope to start an educated, researched discussion — I welcome comments and questions!

Let’s start with the assumption that man-exacerbated global warming is happening and that there are sufficient data to support a rapid rise in temperatures. But it is not the out-of-control, end-of-the-world, man-caused hysteria heating that our manipulating politicians — I mean, elected public servants — and Hollywood have imposed on us randomly.

Our earth and nearby solar-system natural cycles, together with urban heat islands, explain this observed temperature rise as part of a cycle, not a huge spike caused by a trace gas, such as carbon dioxide, which is a vital plant food produced by just about everything we say and do.

Aspen has many visitors from season to season — especially the black, furry kind. Our bear friends have learned that high-calorie food is easier to find in the city than in their natural environment. Garbage can sustain: It is in plentiful supply, is easy to get and comes with minimal punishment — a collar and a nice car ride. If man decides these furry friends are getting too friendly, he also decides they need to be uninvited — permanently. Garbage is the cause of their plight, not the bears. They don’t take responsibility for their actions.

Meanwhile, the hysteria began, it seems, when the global-climate computer models could not predict future temperatures and match historic data without a fudge factor. It needed to be added into these models to make the predictions match historical records that were tampered with to show a rise. However, these models used cherry-picked data from various (not all) temperature stations and extrapolated adjusted-up temperatures over vast areas of sparse data, allowing for manipulation by our government-sponsored researchers. They could start with the answer they wanted and pick data to make the models give them that answer. NASA and Hadley Centre both have been exposed for this in the “Climategate” email hack of a few years ago. Climate scientists were fraudulently selecting proxy data, such as tree rings from one single tree they hand-picked, that supposedly showed runaway climate change.

Cherry-picking of recent temperature data was exposed completely with the release of the secret email quote of “hide the decline” of actual, realized historical world cooling. Now it seems these very same government-sponsored scientists recently have been caught cherry-picking again in reverse — they were caught selecting the lower historical temperature records to make the answer fit the question “Are we seeing a runaway change?” The old database is still out there because skeptical scientists saved a copy that now can be used to compare to the new NASA-adjusted historical record.

Another key flaw in these computer models is that we have accurate world-coverage satellite data for the past 34 years compared with poorly sited, sparse temperature facilities. We have undisputed, very accurate world-coverage satellite temperature data that say there has been no warming in the past 14 years globally and a rise of 0.2 degrees centigrade over the entire span of recorded data. And yet the bears continue to hibernate, wake up and raid Aspen picnic baskets and other man-made food sources. They aren’t concerned with anything except air, water, food and making more bears.

The latest research into the cause of these cycles points to solar gravitational effects to the earth’s cloud cover and the thinning and drying of its upper atmosphere, allowing for heat escape and cooling cloud cover. Google search “CERN Jasper Kirby cloud experiment,” and you’ll find his results as well as the expected attacks from the grant-money-supported warming community of scientists who disagree with the correlation of solar activity with the earth’s temperature. Before you shoot me down, read about it and decide for yourself — instead of doing what the bears do and accepting what is easy and popular. In their defense, the bears don’t care; they just want to be fed and happy and avoid confrontation with man.

My point is that we, like the bears, should be concerned with our own lives instead of our government’s political agenda. Locally, this agenda supports financially inefficient and really bad-idea trophy projects such as the hydro plant, even though it won’t pay for itself and destroys a pristine stream. That’s not green — that’s silly.

The hysteria over damaging Mother Earth is being used to justify more damage to her natural systems. This offends not only me (and as a taxpayer, it should offend you, too) but also the bears — they’re just trying to get through another winter without our intrusion. There must be someone out there who understands and agrees with me, because this silly idea of a hydro plant was voted down. Alas, the idea survives to this day, and our city is spending large sums of money on legal challenges that easily could have paid for solar power readily available for years from the Clean Energy Collective downvalley. I know I invested and am on the way to an early payout. Grin. This is only one example.

I’m convinced the politicians have become garbage-generating experts only concerned with power and money taken from others for personal ideological gain. Like the bears, I wonder if someday we will get collars and car rides when we intrude too much on them. Maybe offending them will make them stop generating garbage that only scares and controls people.

Basalt resident Glenn Sliva agrees the world is warming naturally and believes in his heart that, like Obamacare, people will realize we are being fed garbage willingly because it’s easy and popular to be cool.