Guest commentary: Lauren Boebert standing for core conservative principles in CD3 race |

Guest commentary: Lauren Boebert standing for core conservative principles in CD3 race

Lauren Boebert
Guest commentary

Last fall, I told presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, “Hell no, you won’t take away our guns!”, which quickly became a national rallying call to protect our Second Amendment rights.

When Governor Polis and Denver’s liberal legislature passed the National Popular Vote Compact, I volunteered months of my time and effort to make sure we could stop the Democrats from stealing our votes for President.

Most recently, I have been in the fight for our collective livelihoods as one of many small business owners in our country who are dealing with the devastating economic fallout from the global pandemic.

In each of these examples, my motivation was and will continue to be clear: we must always stand on the right side of freedom and keep our Constitutional rights secure.

Too often, in too many ways, we are too quick to concede these core conservative principles based on fear or incomplete facts. Too often, our leaders fail to stand up for our freedom.

That’s why I am running for Congress.

As your Representative, I will always put individual freedom first, and I will never forget the government is supposed to both defend our individual rights and our collective safety.

What does this mean in practical terms?

In Congress, I won’t vote in favor of any budgets unless they balance in a reasonable amount of time; our national debt is unsustainable.

I will never support amnesty that allows law-breakers too much incentive to continue breaking the law. I support comprehensive immigration reform as long as it first includes securing the border.

I will hold those in government accountable that refuse to abide by the laws of our country.

I’ll fight to eliminate the Federal Department of Education because education should be done at the most local level possible.

I won’t bail out irresponsible state and local governments.

And I will never appease the liberal socialist agenda on the false hope that it will somehow support a conservative policy down the road.

I share the examples above because my Republican primary opponent, Congressman Scott Tipton, has failed on all of the above. During Mr. Tipton’s 10 years in Congress he has shown a consistent instinct to run from core conservative positions, including:

• Voting for a 2,200 page, $1.4 trillion spending bill filled with waste and debt last fall when our economy was running on all cylinders.

• Joining AOC’s Squad to co-sponsor a $250 billion federal bailout of cities like Boulder, without constraint on their liberal-spending ways.

• Instead of demanding a secure border first, Scott Tipton undermined President Trump’s efforts by voting alongside Nancy Pelosi and every other Democrat to hand amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and spend a billion of our taxpayer dollars to pay for their housing.

A sober look at the Tipton Record shows a back-burner representative that has failed to live up to his conservative chops that he touted on his Tea Party-inspired campaign trail. If his record lived up to his campaign rhetoric, I wouldn’t feel so compelled to run.

As your Representative, I will proudly make the case for our shared conservative values: to stand up to the lunatics on the left, to help craft and send better bills to President Trump and to honor my oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

I’d appreciate the opportunity to show you what that type of leadership can achieve for all of the hard-working, God-fearing wonderful people that call our district and nation home.

Editor’s note: The Aspen Times has offered the four candidates in the U.S. House District 3 primaries a guest column of 600 words. Lauren Boebert is a Republican running against Scott Tipton in the June 30 primary; for more information, her website is