Guest commentary: Is 5G a potential fire hazard? Looking more indepth on the issue

Tom Lankering and Kathleen Fors
Guest commentary

Fire safety gets more lip service than actual action when it comes to companies taking steps to mitigate fire risk. As recently reported in California, Pacific Gas & Electric has not taken any significant measures to fulfill promises to change its reckless ways, which led to the deadliest U.S. wildfire in the past 100 years.

Every city believes that they are complying with all the proper electrical and fire safety codes. They all go by strict rules and regulations and think they comply. But unfortunately, they are incorrect regarding the telecom industry because telecoms are exempt from most electric and fire safety codes at the state and county levels.

The most significant legal battles concerning 5G and the telecom companies are currently being fought in California because many fires were started by utility companies. During the trials, it was discovered that telecom fire exemptions are suspected to exist in all states because when telecom attorneys do something in one state, they do it in all the states. They also do it on all other continents.

The small cells, whether 5G technology or 4G LTE acting as 5G as advertised by some of the carriers are being brought closer to the center of people’s lives. This proximity to people’s homes, schools, daycare centers, nursing homes, hospitals, parks, and places of business creates an increased fire risk for residents & visitors.

Cell towers should be restricted close to residences because cell tower fires cannot be quickly extinguished, and residents need space to flee. This is particularly true for schools and any facility with young children, elderly, disabled, and hospitals and places of business.

When applications for cell towers were researched, it was discovered that every application was deficient in meeting the standards for fire and safety.

If a community catches on fire from a 5G antenna, most likely the local government will end up paying the astronomical price. The is because the telecoms are self-insured and frequently place cell towers in LLCs that can declare bankruptcy and escape financial ruin for the carrier.

Climate change and global warming have become an issue. It is interesting to note that while people express concern about climate warming, there has not been much talk about radiation microwaving our planet.

The microwaves used for wireless communication have proven to be carcinogenic to people, especially brains. Yet, people are not making the connections about the damage that this technology is causing to our planet. Instead, we are cooking the world.

A case in front of a federal court is charging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with using the same safety standards for 5G that they used for 1G. The millimeter technology that is being used and implemented has zero safety studies for its impacts on our health.

The powerful telecom industry convinced Congress to allow the FCC to ignore the science on radiation wireless risk and ignore local government discretion. This occurred while installing the technology on our roofs, street lamps, schools, parks and business buildings. As a result, the antennas radiation emissions are blanketing communities, severely impacting 10% of the population who suffers from electro-hypersensitivity.

Congress must monitor wireless power density output and force the FCC to update its safety limits that are in alignment with other countries who have much lower levels. Violations of emission limits should activate immediate mitigation to protect our health.

Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, Director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health for the FDA, has provided a letter stating that no harm would be done from 5G technology. Unfortunately, he has significant conflicts of interest. Dr. Shuren simply offered his opinion without any type of proof or study.

This is an example of yet another industry imposing its technology on people without providing safety studies. Instead, their actions are driven by profits.

We all should be asking our key local decision-makers, as well as state and federal, to please provide proof that the exponential increase in radiation brought about by 4G/5G will not cause harm. And it would be good to make strong requests that Telecoms fire safety requirements be at a high level instead of being compromised and exempt.

Tom Lankering and Kathleen Fors are local health professionals and members of Colorado for Safe Technology and are writing a monthly series on 5G for The Aspen Times. Is 5G a potential fire hazard? – Part I was published June 13. More information can be found at Environmental Health Trust,; Children’s Health Defense,; and Colorado for Safe Technology,