Guest commentary: Do your research, think about the ‘5G Human Health Experiment’

Tom Hill
Guest commentary

When I first heard of the coming advancement of 5G technologies, I was enthused; more connectivity and data bandwidth at blazing speeds.Rural areas would finally have “tech-equity” with municipalities.“What a wonderful world this will be.”

Then I stumbled upon a TED Talk by scientist Jeromy Johnson in 2016 regarding health concerns from exposure to wifi, cell phone and Bluetooth electromagnetic field radiation (EMFs).That led to studies by Dr. Devra Davis, Dr. Timothy Schochlee and Dr. Martin J. Pall on the adverse biological effects of radiation on the human body. The following was gleaned from the published studies of the aforementioned researchers on health concerns from our existing 4G wireless radiation.

Dr. Pall was the first to discover that EMF pulsations cause the voltage-gated channels of a cell’s plasma membrane to activate and open, allowing excessive, unwanted calcium inside. This disrupts the cellular equilibrium, causing single and double-strand DNA damage, mutations, oxidative stress, and free radical damage.

This cellular damage contributes to a myriad of health concerns including: cancer, leukemia, early Alzheimer’s disease, infertility, lowered libido, tinnitus, diminished immune system and sleep disturbances including insomnia. Cardiovascular effects include arrhythmias, arterial fibrillation and heart palpitations.

We have known for decades that EMF radiation affects the nervous system, which leads to synaptic dysfunctions in the brain.The neuropsychiatric results include confusion, restlessness, anxiety, loss of memory, depression, and diminished brain function in general. If I were in the medical or psychiatric field, I would be very concerned about how EMF radiation was affecting the status of my patients.

I looked for credible studies suggesting that EMF radiation is safe, but could find none, only misleading information regarding safety levels of “thermal effects.” But that’s not the problem! It is the non-thermal effects from EMF exposure that are of concern. Don’t be bamboozled with propaganda like we were the tobacco industry in the 1960s.

Sadly, our children are in more danger than ever. According to a Swedish study, “EMF radiation from cell phones can penetrate the brain of a child more easily and thoroughly than that of an adult.” The skull of a child is thinner and water content in tissues is higher compared to that of an adult. Knowing that EMF radiation is cumulative, imagine how much greater their lifetime of exposure will be.

The industry will run the current 4G wireless signal along side the new 20-100 times more powerful, highly-pulsed 5G millimeter-wave signal that has, to date, been untested on humans. It’s these frequency pulsations that have a “jack hammer” effect on the biological and bioelectric systems of the human body.

And know this, delivering these signals by mini-cell towers is an industry choice of convenience, not a necessity. Fiber optic cable is superior in every way. It is faster, more secure, less vulnerable to hacking and natural disasters, and most importantly, safe. Where is the outrage?!

Please educate yourself and others on the health concerns from wifi and cell phone exposure. Teach your children to never hold a cell phone up to their heads.Place it on speakerphone or use headphones. Turn it off before going to bed along with your wifi router. Create a safe place to sleep and all your body to restore and recover. Always, minimize your EMF radiation exposure. Just like a pandemic virus, what you cannot see can kill you.

For more information, visit “Coloradans for Safe Technology” at This is the time to unite and speak up. Otherwise, we will all be part of the great “5G Human Health Experiment.”

Tom Hills lives in Snowmass Village and is the former educator/technology coordinator for the Aspen School District.