Guest commentary: Aspen mayoral candidate pushing for peace

Lee Mulcahy
Guest commentary
Lee Mulcahy

My name is Lee Mulcahy. As y’all know, I love and am devoted to this community. I’m grateful for so many things.

I’m known as a straight shooter: Everyone knows a conservative libertarian “guns and Bible studying” Republican is never gonna win in liberal “Moscow in the Mountains.” Why should you still vote for me?


Our community struggles with being overwhelmed by the resort. The Faustian bargain between big government and the corporation is detrimental to our community.

We all know APCHA is corrupt. As an anti-corruption campaigner, I have formed United APCHA Tenants and “Homeowners” with others. APCHA is a fascist organization: witness their war on a mom and her two kids whose lawyer defied them after claiming APCHA is the poster child for everything wrong with the anonymous snitch system: “APCHA’s policy regarding anonymous reporting has become a weapon for frivolous complaints and retaliation.”

I love Torre and we’ve been friends for 25 years. My family has supported Torre’s prior runs. When Skico suspended me for passing out a union flier on public lands, Torre was the only council member supportive. Like many, I’ve worked many jobs: substitute teaching, property management, bartending, Uber, construction.

Our elites are obsessed with using their power to control speech and the flow of information. The Democrats believe they have a monopoly on science and rational thought. If you disagree with their orthodoxy or their consensus, you’re a deranged conspiracy theorist or worse, a “threat” or a “danger.” This is the very hallmark of fascism.

My friend, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, is right: If you don’t know what the liberal Democrats’ plan is, it is to strip you of the right to defend your life. They are coming for your guns and they’re not hiding it anymore.

When Lauren walked into City Council with her trademark Glock-19 (love that gun!), Councilman Skippy Mesirow said “fear washed all over me.”

Lauren’s response? Our rights do not end where Skippy’s fears begin.

Say “hell no” to overreaching government shutting small businesses.

Say “yes” to government living within the confines of the Constitution.

Say “yes” for a raise in the Aspen minimum wage on large corporations.

Say “yes” to renting Elon Musk’s boring machine to build a subway into town.

Say “yes” to an Olympic freestyle aerial training center at the high school.

Say “no” to government home invasions.

Our local politicians have declared war on liberty and freedom. Worse, free speech, due process, transparency, and the right to challenge government wrongdoing have become casualties.

The divide between the Left and the Right over the proper role of government may lead to the decline of our democracy. In Aspen, capitalism is fundamentally broken. We’ve perverted the ability of a few billionaires to completely bastardize the system and destroy what made this country great.

Our justice system is all but broken. It’s just like the police — when they investigate, nothing happens. The American people are subjects — not partners, with our government. Remember “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”

Society moves forward by acts of peace and compromise. All we’re asking is to rent the house we built. That is not unreasonable. Please send Mayor Torre a message with a vote for Lee Mulcahy. Say “yes” to peace in our community.

Lee Mulcahy can be reached at or his Facebook page @LeeforAspenMayor.

Editor’s note: The Aspen Times has offered each candidate a guest column of 600 words or less. There are two candidates running for the Aspen Mayor seat on city council. The municipal election is March 2; ballots have been mailed.