Grueter: Day late’s still a missed deadline |

Grueter: Day late’s still a missed deadline

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In the Oct. 24 edition of the Aspen Daily News, there was misinformation presented by Sheriff Joe DiSalvo about his campaign finance report. In the story written by Andre Salvail, the sheriff was questioned as to why his most recent finance report, which was due Oct. 18, was not included on the website (where all candidates’ finance reports are listed).

There’s a good reason for that: The sheriff had not yet submitted the report.

DiSalvo was quoted in Salvail’s article with the following: “Reached by phone on Sunday, DiSalvo said his campaign filed the report to the county clerk’s office, and that he was unsure why it had not been loaded onto the election site.”

In fact, Joe did not file his report to our office until Monday morning, or the day after he spoke to Salvail.

Here in Elections, one of our responsibilities is to make sure that we maintain high public confidence in our election procedures. Especially in the current election climate, we endeavor to combat mis- and dis-information. We want to ensure that the information that is being shared with the public about the election process is accurate.

Our mission is to protect the integrity of Pitkin County elections. In that spirit, we strive to assure the electorate that voting in Pitkin County is “simple, safe, and secure.”

Ingrid K. Grueter

Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder