Gregory: We can live with bears |

Gregory: We can live with bears

After your article about the killing of the bear family in Meadowood, I wrote a letter to Rachael Gonzales at Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The gist of my letter was:

1. The same mother and her four cubs had recently visited our own house. They fed on service berries and choke cherries. The mother then led the cubs away in an orderly manner. It was wonderful to see them.

2. The Times article reported that the bears were “not a neighborhood threat,” “did not show aggression towards the home’s occupants” and that nearby residents had stated that the “bears had not posed a problem.”

3. CPW did not follow the policy of the state of Colorado.

4. The CPW response was botched and, actually, exacerbated the situation.

5. While CPW needs to continue educating people about bears, they also need to start fining ignorant and/or careless people whose actions create these situations.

6. This incident feeds into the perception that CPW only cares about the deer and elk population, and the money that selling hunting licenses bring to it. Predators are to be killed whenever possible.

The Times later reported that the person who initiated this travesty stated that “They will also grow up to be really big bears, and we have to think about the safety of the neighborhood.”

My wife and I have lived on Castle Creek for 36 years and raised two children. We’ve had lots of bears in the neighborhood. Safety has never been a problem because we use common sense.

Whoever you are, please do not do us any more favors by overreacting and starting in motion the unnecessary killing of a mother bear and her four cubs.

May I suggest you move to an urban area where you are less likely to encounter wildlife? 

Kirk Gregory


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