Gregory: Brilliance on and off the pitch |

Gregory: Brilliance on and off the pitch

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

All of our mountains were deserted early Sunday morning, as none of us could take our eyes off the TV box and the thrilling World Cup final.

I must admit that I was rooting for Argentina. Even though they knocked out the Australians, my English heritage made it hard to root for the French.

However impressive the 11 Argentinians were on the field, I must say that the many more young Argentinians who are working in Aspen equally did their country proud.

I made the good call to go to Aspen Tap on Sunday, early evening for a beer with my husband. It was totally dominated by Argentinians. Most of whom are working in Aspen for Skico and numerous local hotels, restaurants, and other businesses for the season. 

My husband and I are old enough to be the parents to most of them. I was taken aback at how well they all conducted themselves. Yes, very loud and very exuberant but also incredibly welcoming, well-behaved, and so much fun to be with.

If you are from Argentina and are living in Aspen, you have so much to be proud of: yourselves and your phenomenal soccer team.

Lynette Gregory