Grauer: What he should do |

Grauer: What he should do

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Pitkin County sheriff should re-assess two controversies shadowing his election campaign. According to an Aspen council member, Sheriff Joe DiSalvo is capable of correcting bad decisions and doing the right thing:

“When imperfect, he demonstrates the capacity for reflection and learning.”

Skippy Mesirow says, “His soul is of Aspen,” but providing full-time safety for the community demands his full-time habeas corpus. DiSalvo has justified spending two months a year on vacation at his home in Palm Springs, Calif., because desk-bound county bureaucrats of his tenure have it.

Comparing his real-time sheriff’s safety responsibilities with non-emergency bureaucrats is not valid. The mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, proved the need for the top lawman to be on the scene to make life and death decisions.

For DiSalvo to follow his slogan, “A sheriff for the people,” he must pledge to be in the county at least 11 months of the year.

He should also reflect on his seemingly improper use of the power of his office and his personal prestige to leverage liquor merchants into purchasing vodka from a company in which he has a share. DiSalvo says he received a 5% stake in Life Vodka for providing his friend, Lance Armstrong, valuable start-up advice.

Armstrong remains infamous for being stripped of seven Tour de France titles, being permanently banned from professional cycling and, yet, claiming that he would do it all again.

Mesirow says he supports DiSalvo for sheriff because of his kindness, honor and integrity. DiSalvo should reflect on how his personal association and business partnership with Armstrong — an admitted and defiant cheat, liar and performance-drug user — erodes that image.

Many of DiSalvo’s supporters cite his positive personality qualities, but they should seriously weigh being “a nice guy” with his Job #1 — being here and his choice of business partners.

Bernard Grauer