Grauer: Too much hyperbole there |

Grauer: Too much hyperbole there

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

A recent commentary attacking Basalt Mayor Bill Kane and the town’s planning decisions displays a profound ignorance of both. (

Bill was elected mayor because Basalt citizens know and respect his long-time service to the town and his personal integrity.

Scott’s claim that the Pan and Fork project was “to kick the working people and their trailers off riverfront property” ignores the fact that the trailers were in a flood plain that had a history of significant flooding. The town voluntarily compensated trailer owners and helped relocate all of the residents.

The hyperbolic characterization of the Midland Avenue Streetscape Project as “terroristic municipal overreach” is colorful, but inaccurate. 

“Voters approved the project by 71% on the November 2021 ballot as part of the town of Basalt’s 2020 Master Plan.” (“Business owners hold their breath as construction kicks off in Basalt” March 19, 2023)

So the claim that “There was never a mandate for this municipal overreach …” is a gross misrepresentation.

Publishing Scott’s false claim appears to be a violation of the Aspen Times’ Editor Don Rogers’ policy on letters and columns, “And your factual assertions and/or insinuations need to be accurate to mainstream sources, ideally primary sources.”

In fact, the development of Willits Town Center was authorized by a referendum vote, not the town council.

By laying the blame for all the perceived misdeeds on the town government, instead of the voters who approved them, Scott is barking up the wrong tree.

If you want your bark to have some bite, you have to get your facts straight.

Bernard Grauer