Grauer: Should disavow friend |

Grauer: Should disavow friend

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In what county seat besides Aspen would the sheriff take a share in disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s vodka company and say that no conflict exists? 

Probably the same town where institutions, including the Sheriff’s Office, the local press and an educational foundation continue to validate Armstrong, who defiantly vows that he would lie, cheat and dope again. (Oct. 7

Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo told the press that he provided valuable advice to his friend Armstrong on the startup of Lift Vodka and was rewarded with a 5% stake.

DiSalvo is minimizing his association with the company, but one of the Lift Vodka owners, Zack Neiditz, said in an Aspen Times story that it was an easy sell to liquor merchants: “In Aspen, it was easy with the connections from the three of us.”

What merchant would not want to curry favor with the sheriff by purchasing copious amounts of Lift Vodka? It is improper for DiSalvo to leverage his liquor merchant connections for a bigger pay-off.

To clear the air, he needs to dissociate with Armstrong and his vodka company. 
In another DiSalvo controversy, he says that spending two months a year at his Palm Springs home is justified because desk-bound, county bureaucrats of his tenure receive that much vacation.

He is equating his 24/7, public-safety responsibilities to those of the bureaucrats. The Uvalde, Texas, chain of command disaster proves that the top cop must be on the scene.
For DiSalvo to be “for the people,” he should be with the people at least 11 months of the year.

Bernard Grauer