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Grauer: Mountain community values?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Aspen District School Board should now define what it means by “mountain community values” in its mission statement. 

It seems like the ripe time to engage students, educators, and parents in what would be an educational process, given the heated public debate about the ethics of using disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong as a benefactor for the schools. (The Aspen Times, “Grauer: Tunnel Vision”) (Aspen Daily News, “Marolt: We can’t fail this random test”)

The district’s mission is to help students reach their highest academic potential through education that is “… reflective of our mountain community values,” the board’s web page says, without defining those values.

Selecting those values should be a bottom-up process from the stakeholders, especially the students, rather than a top down one from the board.

One can only hope that seeking the truth and respecting the truth would be among them.

Bernard Grauer