Grauer: If you aren’t going to do the work … |

Grauer: If you aren’t going to do the work …

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

A newly-elected Aspen council member should either take on the full responsibilities of the position or resign and let someone who is willing to do the job take his place.

Bill Guth says that he is unwilling to serve on any boards or commissions during his first year on the council ( Such service is customary among almost all elected bodies in the valley.

His rejection of voluntary service places an unfair burden on the rest of the council members to pick up his slack. But far more disturbing is Guth’s lack of disclosure to voters during the council race about his self-imposed limitation.

For many, this extraordinary unwillingness to participate in commissions and boards for a year would have been a material consideration for selecting a council candidate. Many would feel that they would not be fully represented in city decision making if their candidate chooses not to participate in these important bodies.

If Guth had no intention of participating in them during his first year, then he should have not run, or he should have disclosed it to the voters. 

That is the openness and transparency, which citizens expect from candidates and elected officials.

Bernard Grauer