Grauer: Here’s a good opinion poll

The Aspen Times should run an opinion poll on council members Bill Guth and Sam Rose’s post-election reluctance to fulfill the job’s usual and customary duties on the Aspen City Council. 

Because they did not publicly disclose prior to the election their resistance to serving on boards and commissions, the public should now have a vote.

Suggested survey questions: (agree/disagree)

1. Guth and Rose were not open and honest with the public prior to the election.

2. It is unfair for the other council members to have to pick up their slack.

3. They should resign, so that the council can appoint new members willing to do the full job.

4. Guth and Rose took a principled stand against “big government.”

5. The two are simply trying to do the least work for the pay.

Bernard Grauer