Grauer: Fails the acid test |

Grauer: Fails the acid test

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Voters who care about preserving women’s freedoms will vote for Elisabeth Velasco for Colorado House District 57 Rep. and not Perry Will.

Some Will supporters claim that he has reached across the aisle to vote for a few bills, but that does not include the most crucial one, the Reproductive Health Equity Act.

Will voted against the act, which guarantees a woman’s freedom to make her own health care choices, including ending a pregnancy.

Democrats were also able to defeat several extremist Republican bills that would ban all abortion without exception and another criminalizing women seeking one. 

A vote for Will would support stripping women of the same personal freedoms that men now enjoy.
For those who care about women’s rights as well as men’s, Will fails the acid test. Vote for Elisabeth Velasco to preserve all our freedoms for all people.

Bernard Grauer