Grauer: DA does sworn duty

A letter to The Aspen Daily News erroneously claims that law-enforcement officials are uncaring by charging a Basalt chiropractor, Dave Jensen, with complicity in sexual assaults.

The letter asks a question that everyone can agree with: “What happened to the golden rule of innocent until proven guilty?”

But, then, it accuses the Eagle County district attorney of not caring about the community and its health and well-being for bringing the allegations against Jensen to a grand jury.

It was the grand jury, made up of Eagle County residents, which found the evidence of criminal acts sufficient to try him before a jury that will determine his guilt or innocence.

Far from not caring about the health and well-being of its residents, DA Heidi McCollum did her sworn duty to protect and serve us all. She brought the evidence of 11 alleged victims of sexual assault at the WIN Institute in Basalt and other information to the grand jury. 

It decided that the evidence was probable cause for a criminal trial.

Bernard Grauer