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Gorsuch family stands tall

My 9-year-old daughter Violet recently came home from school and shared her idea for the “Fourth Grade Hero Project.” Earlier this year she studied Ruth Bader Ginsberg and identified with her grit for the underdog. She also cherishes the underdog story of her grandparents and decided to focus on them for this current project. She shared that her grandmother was the third of four daughters, born to school teachers, and skiing gave her an opportunity to head West from the Adirondacks.

Her grandfather, the youngest son of a coal miner and brave outdoorswoman from Climax, pursued skiing after his father built the first rope tow in Colorado. They met and fell in love, both competitive downhill skiers in the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics.

Violet shared that their first, small ski shop opened with pennies in their pockets in the side room of a filling station in Gunnison. Grandma knit hats and taught first grade while papa tuned skis and worked as the mountain manager at Crested Butte. It was during these early years that daddy and his big brothers were born, and could be found hiding in the dressing room or playing on the cash register. According to Violet, a hero is someone of character who cares about making a difference to others, is generous, brave and steadfast in their vision, and isn’t afraid of change.

It is important to me as a woman, mother, wife and doctor that I strive to live by and honor the deeply embedded values of family, community, work ethic, service and adventure that I share with my in-laws, the Gorsuch family. It is important to teach our children to remember who we are and what we represent. Let’s not forget the beginning of any story, any humble possibility worth fighting for as we cope with the inevitability of the passage of time, change and how we want it to look. Lift One is a chance to say “yes” to a sacred opportunity to champion the pioneering revered spirit of the West, to dig deep and nurture the roots of the dynamic community of Aspen. Just wait.

Dr. Abbey Fox