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Gorsuch drags down Lift One proposal

The Lift One corridor proposition final voting day is Tuesday. Aspen needs to reject the bundle; it presents a false choice.

Let’s acknowledge the good features right up front: Lift One Lodge, and the restoration and extension of Lift 1 itself, would be assets to South Aspen Street, the neighborhood and the whole city. The property for Lift One Lodge already is zoned for Lodging, and the improved lift, moved downhill farther into town, would revitalize west side skiing.

But the proposed Gorsuch Haus, a huge hotel far up the slope, would be an eyesore every time folks downtown looked up and to the right, blocking the city’s view of the embracing curve of the mountain. The property proposed for Gorsuch Haus is zoned “conservation” for a reason. Changing it to “lodging” would forever surrender part of Aspen’s unspoiled surroundings, with no chance of getting it back.

This is not only about what we need — and don’t need — in 2019, but what we want to protect for the future. By combining these main elements into one ballot proposition, we are being presented with a choice based upon cynical and cowardly convenience. Inserting Gorsuch Haus into a single combined proposition is putting a wolf among the sheep.

We need to reject this bundle so the projects can be separated. The strong elements of the project — Lift 1 and the Lift One Lodge — have enough going for them that they will get built, regardless of if this proposition passes; do not be persuaded by those who say this is our only chance, that it’s all or nothing.

We can do better than that.

Arthur Washington

Larchmont, New York