Gonzalez: County better for DiSalvo

I’m writing to voice my strong support for Mr. DiSalvo for sheriff. As a citizen of this community, I have had nothing but positive experiences with the entirety of the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office.

I believe Pitkin County is a better place under Mr. DiSalvo, due to his policies on community policing. One instance that stands out the most is when I had gotten pulled over by a deputy for speeding, and instead of handing me a ticket right away, this deputy and I had a conversation. He handed me his business card, and I came out of that situation a safer and more aware driver. I am more conscious of my driving, thanks to this deputy.

To me, knowing that a fellow member of my community showed me grace and respect had more impact than me getting slapped with a ticket. I think most of our citizens feel the same way: Kindness and respect goes a long way. 

Furthermore, I have multiple friends who work under Mr. DiSalvo, and he treats his employees with the upmost dignity and respect. Joe is constantly looking at ways to improve policies to not only protect his employees, but help the community simultaneously. 

This agency is founded on the pillars of respect, accountability, integrity, and most importantly, transparency. In my experience in working as a nurse in the facility, the deputies treat every person that comes through the door like a person. They always ensure safety, maintain the person’s dignity, and are transparent about every step they take, which in turn leads to most individuals having a positive interaction with Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office time and time again.

Information is never withheld, and deputies often help individuals process the complexities of the legal system, which in most places doesn’t happen.

We are lucky to have a strong leader like Joe DiSalvo, who has helped not only meet, but exceed the goals of peace and safety in the community. His policies help unify communities in these dividing times.

Sofia Gonzalez