Goldstein: Paid his dues |

Goldstein: Paid his dues

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

When we came to this valley to raise our family in 1985, one of the primary reasons was its well-deserved reputation for enlightened law enforcement, begun by Dick Kienast and continued by Bob Braudis. Joey DiSalvo maintains that long tradition. We have witnessed marked changes in our community, not all for the better. However, the one remaining constant has been thoughtful and respectful law enforcement.

I had a front row seat to witness Braudis’ mentorship of Joey, whom he selected to serve as his undersheriff and hand-picked to run for his office when Bob retired 12 years ago. I can personally attest to the pride Bob continued to take in every facet of Joey’s performance as our county’s chief law enforcement officer. 

My wife and I have watched Joey counsel our kids, seeking caring, common-sense and compassionate solutions to family crises and everyday issues that confront our youth today. A marked contrast to heavy-handed enforcement, which has become the norm in so many communities throughout the country.

Joey has exercised seasoned and experienced judgment that comes with almost four decades of law enforcement, committing his office to addressing the needs and solving the diverse and often unpopular issues that come with his job. He has recognized that addiction is primarily a medical issue, not necessarily solved by arrests and all the collateral consequences that come with such policies.

He provides support to our school counselors and sponsored annual fundraisers that support our Mental Health Crisis Center, treat our county’s increasing suicide rate and provide programs for our veterans from around the country providing them the opportunity to come enjoy the healing benefits of our special valley.

Joe DiSalvo has paid his dues. He has earned another term and our community deserves no less. 

Gerry Goldstein