Goldstein: Oh, everything would back up |

Goldstein: Oh, everything would back up

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Regarding Ken Fry’s letter “Think of the worker bees,” if the city of Aspen gets its way, its new highway will only make traffic worse. The city admits that the “Preferred Alternative” is not a solution to traffic and that commuting times will not change.

They do not publicize that the morning rush hour will still back up to the airport because of the necessity of a new traffic light at 7th and Main. Cars will stall at the roundabout, where there is no solution to a bus lane into town, stall across Marolt, stall in the new tunnel, and stall across the new bridge.

The evening backup will extend further into town because the back-up of vehicles will now begin at 7th and Main and not at the Cemetery Lane light. 

So please do not blame Aspenites who use and enjoy Marolt for the traffic woes. Point your finger at the City Council for putting forward a short-sighted proposal that solves nothing and actually makes the situation tougher than it is now. 

Jeff Goldstein