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Golbart: Everyone important, including family

I am writing to you with such a happy heart about our cousin Skippy. I was always told growing up that if a man treats his family with love and respect, you have found a good man! Skippy has always been a very loving son, brother, grandson and friend.

I’ve watched Skippy accept people no matter gender, race, religion or political belief. Skippy is respectful, kind and a very hard worker. When Skippy was in college, his mother Marilee told me how many classes he was taking in one semester and she was worried about him managing. He not only managed his classes, but aced them and continued to be his joyful kind self.

Skippy goes above and beyond in any and everything he does. My son was visiting Skippy in Aspen and while they were skiing they were talking. Skippy skied backwards facing my son skiing forward so he can give my son attention and finish their conversation! My point is that everyone is important to Skippy and Aspen would truly benefit to have my cousin Skippy in any leadership position!

Leah Golbart

Los Angeles