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Godes: Up to the task

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As a former employee of the city of Aspen (2007-09) and the current mayor of Glenwood Springs, I endorse Torre and Skippy Mesirow for mayor and council. While I do not know the challengers, I have worked closely with Torre and Skippy on a variety of issues that impact the entire valley. 

Skippy reached out to me four years ago when he was first elect to his council seat. He came down to Glenwood and sat with me and another councilor. That made a strong impression, and I loved his vision, passion, and collaborative spirit.

I have since followed his actions, comments, and votes. He is a consistent advocate for housing, climate, and the downtown core. He has big visions like a pedestrian downtown and a vacancy tax. But while he chips away at these large goals to make them attainable, he continues to put in the time and effort on the little things that make a difference every day. 

Torre has always impressed me with his professionalism, thoughtfulness, and how he treated everyone with the utmost respect. His years of service to the community should be lauded. I have worked with him on several regional boards, where he is both a leader and a listener. 

My endorsement of Torre and Skippy is an endorsement of regionalism. It is an endorsement of good and responsive government. We move stronger when we move together. They both understand this concept and lead by example.

From your neighbor north of the roundabout, I heartily endorse them both. Our best days are ahead of us, and Torre and Skippy have proven to the region and the city of Aspen that they are up to the task. I hope the voters agree.

Jonathan Godes

Glenwood Springs