Glover: Glossed over atrocities this time |

Glover: Glossed over atrocities this time

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Like other Aspen/Snowmass visitors, I was disappointed and upset by your article, “Krabloonik ownership digs in their heels, plan to stay open amid dispute.” It is written in a cursory manner, without much thought, research or background information. The article states that Krabloonik “attracted scrutiny in previous years over its treatment of the huskies,” but fails to mention the fact that Dan MacEachen, the previous owner, was arrested and convicted for animal cruelty and forced to relinquish the business.
Dan Phillips, the present-day owner of Krabloonik, claims the dogs are “happy and healthy,” but the Jan. 30 dog abuse incident (Aspen Times, Feb. 22) reported to the police and pulled from PACFA complaints speaks otherwise. According to the Feb. 23 article in The Aspen Times, there is video footage of a Krabloonik employee, Paul Staples, where he “kicks a dog, pins the dog to the ground, ‘uses a hammer fist; and ‘stomps’ on the dog and ‘lifts (the dog) into the air slightly before slamming (the dog) into the ground.’” There was a warrant issued for his arrest.
Phillips is further quoted as stating that the dogs “are so excited to start seeing guests and doing what they love to do, which is run and play in the snow.” A horrifying photograph of the skeleton of a Krabloonik sled dog lying in the snow appears on the PETA website on Oct. 11. Krabloonik dogs are chained by the necks to tiny “igloos” spaced apart.
Phillps’ testimony contradicts testimonials I have heard from four individuals, two of whom have worked at Krabloonik. They reported to me the atrocities and dog abuse they have witnessed. Only one side of this story was shown in this article — that being the side of a man who owns Krabloonik and has a strong financial interest in holding onto the business. 

Eve Glover

New York, New York