Glenwood: Elon misunderstood |

Glenwood: Elon misunderstood

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It’s funny. Or interesting. Or neither. But, it’s certainly something. 

The vitriol regarding Elon Musk and his initial approach to managing Twitter is fascinating for so many. 

The people I’ve spoken to who’ve managed businesses — very small ones and very large ones, (myself included) — are laughing at the general narrative thus far with regards to how Elon is managing.

It’s not popular right now to tell your employee base that they actually have to get up in the morning and go to work. And, frankly, I get it. I’d much rather go skiing then sit in an office. 

But, that’s not how the world works. And, Musk isn’t interested in being popular. He’s just interested in turning around a very poorly-run company. 

Many media love to perpetuate that Elon wants to run a sweat shop of 12 hour work days. But, the fact is, it’s not that. He just wants his people to actually work again to build a good company. A little less hanging out at Starbucks for two hours during a workday isn’t an unfair request when you’re making $250,000.

And, the fact that Twitter had generally abandoned free speech was just simply indefensible. I, like some, would prefer to never hear another single word from Trump. But, he’s got the right to speak, and, unless we are abandoning that right, then we need to let him speak. As painful as that is. 

Carina Ash Glenwood