Glenn K. Beaton: Two reasons why the left hates America |

Glenn K. Beaton: Two reasons why the left hates America

Glenn K. Beaton
The Aspen Beat

A Gallup poll shows that while 74% of Republicans are “extremely proud” to be Americans, only 32% of Democrats and 23% of self-described liberals feel the same.

Why does the left hate America?

Let’s stipulate that America is not perfect. I don’t need to list the imperfections, because the left and their news puppets remind us of them daily.

But notwithstanding her many flaws, America stands tall against other countries. Here are some metrics:

One is racism. That’s an abomination for which the left delightfully condemns America, even as they demand that we discriminate on the basis of race.

But in fact, America is now one of the least racist countries in the world, far behind Egypt (ranked No. 1), Russia (No. 4), Japan (No. 9), India and an imaginary country that the survey called “Palestine” (which apparently will be a very racist country if it ever becomes one).

In wealth, America is in the top few if you leave out the fortuitous wealth of small oil countries like Qatar and Kuwait. Wealth does not make a country good, but poverty can certainly make it bad.

In economic freedom, America ranks fourth out of 162 countries. Socialist paradise Venezuela ranks dead last. Huh, go figure.

Americans have won the most Nobel Prizes. In fact, we’ve won nearly triple the number of the second-highest country, and about the same number as countries second through sixth combined.

In Nobel Prizes, we’re a dynasty.

It’s not just in science. Americans have won the most Nobels in five of the six categories: chemistry, economics, physics, medicine and, notably, peace. (The sixth category is literature, where the French lead.)

Note that these American winners are chosen by committees of Swedes and Norwegians, not Americans.

Finally, most would say that America is blessed with visual beauty. Even Woody Guthrie — not exactly a MAGA hat wearer — sang of beauty from the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters in a land “made for you and me.”

But the left still hates that land.

I think their hatred is not despite the fact that there is so much to love about America, but because of it. The American dream gets in the way of the left’s plot to swap it for an atheistic and socialistic nightmare — ruled by them, of course.

In other words, the left hates America because it stands in the way of their power. They’d rather rule over hell than live in heaven.

There’s another, less obvious reason that the left hates America. The clue to this second reason is the left’s obsessive compulsion to display their virtue and morality.

This behavior has become so prevalent that it’s been named. It’s “virtue signaling” or, as I call it, “moral preening.”

Moral preening is a coping mechanism for an inferiority complex. The hateful, hapless and humorless soothe their feelings of inferiority with conspicuous displays of superiority.

For example, for many years the left has talked pretty about their compassion toward the downtrodden. But the truly compassionate people are conservatives, who at all income levels quietly make more charitable donations than noisy liberals.

Here’s another example. Have you noticed that electric vehicles look funny? That’s because they’re designed to. They’re an eye-catching stage from which to shout, “I’m a wonderful person.”

Here’s another. The left here in Aspen now makes a show of their “grief therapy” for the angst they feel or pretend to feel about global warming. This melodrama must be performed in groups, of course, to maximize the preening opportunities.

Afterward, oblivious to the irony, they amuse themselves in being transported uphill by motorized lifts powered by electricity generated from burning coal or natural gas (just like the motors in those look-at-me electric vehicles) so that they can slide back down. Over and over.

One more example of the left’s moral preening. After mostly losing their war on Christmas, they now lecture us on the evils of that prototypical American holiday, Thanksgiving.

In short, the American left’s goal is not to actually do good, but to feel good — to assuage their feelings of inferiority. They accomplish that by dragging down the rest of America.

Of course, America itself has nothing to do with this illness. These leftists also would hate France, Canada, Japan or New Zealand if they moved there (as they often threaten to, but never do).

Heck, if they and their children were starving in the socialist utopia of Venezuela, they’d hate even that. Wherever a leftist finds himself, that is where he hates. Because it feels good.

This is why the left is wildly triggered by President Trump. It’s not his policies, which are often less conservative than George Bush’s. It’s because Trump calls them out for their boring, hypocritical, self-indulgent, counterproductive feel-goodery.

So when leftists make a show of hating on America, don’t persuade them with facts and logic. It will only make them hate America — and you — all the more.

These people are beyond persuasion. They need treatment. And I don’t mean global warming grief therapy.

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