Glenn K. Beaton: It’s Sunday, what do the Dems hate today?

Glenn K. Beaton
The Aspen Beat

For nearly a century, the Democrats loved Russia. Not the Russian people, mind you, who were being oppressed, starved and enslaved, but the Russian system.

That system was communism. Forget that communism murdered about 100 million people in the last century. And forget that communist socialism failed economically every place it was tried, from the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela to East Germany to North Korea.

Because the real goal of communists was never economic prosperity. Their real goal was tyranny.

They succeeded so wildly at tyranny for a while that the Dems thought the Russians might rescue us from Western civilization. Then we could all be reborn into their utopian alternative where it’s from each according to his (or her, etc.) ability and to each according to his (or her, etc.) need, while Republicans get sent to a gulag.

And so as late as the last American presidential administration, the Democrats exhibited a soft spot for Russian tyranny, even though by then Russia had moved from hardline communism to communism-Lite. President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary (“What Happened?”) Clinton, famously reset relations with the Russian tyrants.

The Russians liked the reset; they promptly annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine and slaughtered Syria.

Obama promised them even more. An open microphone in 2012 caught his promise to the Russian president that he’d have more “flexibility” in accommodating them once he was re-elected.

We can only imagine what else Obama promised the Russians that we didn’t catch on an open mic, and how he kept his promises after he got re-elected.

Mitt Romney called him out on that. In a debate, Romney argued presciently that Russia presented America’s top geopolitical threat. Obama snarked in reply, “The 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

Yes, the Dems loved Russia.

On to global trade. Not so long ago, the Dems hated free trade agreements. In fact, in a 2008 debate both Obama and Hillary advocated terminating the American free trade agreement called NAFTA.

The Dems hated free trade.

On to deficit spending. Under Obama, the federal deficit nearly doubled to $20 trillion. Think about that. In four years, Obama and the Dems added more to the national debt than nearly all previous presidents combined.

The Dems loved debt.

On to illegal immigration. Presidents Bill Clinton and Obama each declared that illegal immigration was illegal. Duh. Both promised to increase border enforcement and deportations.

The Dems hated illegal immigration.

On to adultery. For two generations, Dems loved adultery. President John Kennedy often boasted while president that he got headaches if he didn’t have sex every day.

He got headache treatment from actresses, prostitutes, a stripper named Blaze, his secretaries, a Mafia moll introduced to him by Frank Sinatra, socialites and a young White House intern.

Which brings us back to the Clintons. Bill famously received his own headache treatment with a different young White House intern in the Oval Office while on the telephone with Congressmen, as evidenced by a certain mostly blue dress.

Decorum precludes elucidation. Suffice to say that the Dems loved adultery, passionately.

On to honesty. Of course, Bill was not honest about his activities. But he went further than that; he lied under oath in a pending lawsuit brought by one of his victims before settling with her for $900,000. In short, he committed perjury.

And don’t get me started on, “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.”

The Dems hated honesty.

If you disagreed with the Dems in their love, hate, love, hate, love (passionately) and hate for Russia, free trade, debt, illegal immigration, adultery and honesty, respectively, they branded you stupid or racist.

OK, that brings us up to date, more or less, except that now everything is topsy-turvy.

It’s fire and brimstone. Rivers and seas are boiling. We’re facing 40 years of darkness, or at least four and maybe eight. Cats and dogs are living together. It’s mass hysteria. Up is down and bottoms are up.

Here’s why. The Dems who loved Russia now hate Russia. The Dems who hated free trade now love free trade. The Dems who loved deficits now hate deficits. The Dems who hated illegal immigration now love illegal immigration. The Dems who loved adultery passionately now hate adultery passionately. The Dems who hated honesty now love honesty.

Or at least they say they do.

Some people didn’t get the Dems’ memo directing them to flip from love, hate, love, hate, love (passionately) and hate for Russia, free trade, debt, illegal immigration, adultery and honesty, respectively, to hate, love, hate, love, hate (passionately) and love for the same. The Dems have branded those people who didn’t get the memo as — you guessed it — stupid and racist.

To a progressive, this flippery all passes for progress because it’s politically useful to them. But to anyone else, it smacks of unintellectual, craven and opportunistic hypocrisy. It’s deplorable.

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