Gina Murdock: Consume less, create more

Gina Murdock
Lead with Love

I’ve been hurting lately. I’ve consumed so much news and information from TV, social media and the internet that I’ve felt a deep sadness that we are hopelessly divided and there’s no way to bridge the massive gap between us. But, then I remembered, separation is an illusion. I am buying into the illusion. Buying into the illusion creates suffering. I can stop this by choosing to see differently and I can stop perpetuating the illusion.

I have a challenge for all of us. Let’s tune out of the mainstream media, shall we? Let’s focus for this week on original thoughts and ideas. Let’s see what’s inside of us without the constant barrage of information from curated channels that shower us with more reasons to believe we are separate and different and hopelessly divided.

Let us focus the story on what we can do individually and in our communities to reduce suffering. There is a LOT of suffering going on and we’re too busy fighting over who’s fault it is. Forget it. Take a break from being right and making others wrong and look for ways to help people or animals or the planet from hurting.

I believe 100% there needs to be accountability and reckoning before there is true healing and any sense of unity. This is not about giving a pass to criminal behavior that is responsible for death and destruction. We can and must pay attention to our fragile democracy AND we need to be aware of how we are unwittingly feeding something that is very toxic – separation, fear and blame. It’s a subtle and important dance that we need to be courageous enough to dance. No wallflowers here. And for sure no pundits or politicians paid to perpetuate drama, blame and shame are going to help you learn this dance.

When you turn off the boob tube you can get curious and have room to wonder. What’s yours to do in this one wild and precious life. Why are you here? What dream needs dusting off and polishing? Let’s harness all of that energy that’s spent blaming and judging others for the state of the world and do what we can do to elevate ourselves out of this illusion of separation and do something positive to help. Today, I am going to see through the eyes of love. Today, I choose not to judge. I choose not to separate. I choose to take an action that reduces suffering for a child, an animal, a woman or man or for the planet. What can I do to be part of this shift? How can I deploy my unique creative energy to help?

What is one thing you can do right now that will make someone smile? Do that. Who can you thank? Write a real hand-written card. Slow down and maybe even quiet down a little bit. Fuel yourself to be part of the movement that is necessary to shift culture from fear to love. We need you.

Look at Feeding America or Lift Up or Food Bank of the Rockies in the Aspen area if you need an easy place to start. Many people are hungry. Look at animal and homeless shelters to see what they need. Look at becoming a foster parent or an advocate for children. CASA of the Ninth is an incredible organization in the Roaring Fork Valley advocating for children. Pick up trash. Become a big buddy. Listen to someone. Rest. Write. Organize. Ask for help.

We need each other. We are inexorably linked. We all need to look at ourselves to become aware of the ways we are complicit in perpetuating the illusion of separation and try to choose differently. Turning in to ourselves and our true nature (Loving) and tuning out the noise of the mainstream media is a great place to start.

Gina Murdock is the founder of the Aspen-based nonprofit Lead with Love. She will be writing a monthly column for The Aspen Times about causes and actions people can take that are highlighted in their newest offering Love in Action, a Zoom work session every other Wednesday for more information, go to