Gensch: What we need

With the mid-term election just days ahead, I encourage residents of the Roaring Fork Valley to vote. Non-presidential elections are tremendously important — they lay the foundation on which our laws and regulations stand. They matter.

There are many issues at stake in this 2022 election, such as employee housing, education, climate change, economic inequity, immigration policy, abortion, and gun control. The magnitude of each issue requires that elected officials be intelligent and informed, have integrity, and hold the highest good of our community and our country as their top priority.

Much has been and will be written about each issue — about each candidate. We’re in the 21st century now, and we need public servants who understand the complex, universal nature of economy, ecology, and society. 

We’ve faced a global pandemic, we are witnessing the possibility of a nuclear catastrophe, and we have an interdependent global economy. We are beyond colonialism. America was grounded and founded on separation of church and state. Christian nationalism (which is actually not Christian — reference: the Bible and the U.S. Constitution) violates that constitutional and biblical principal. 

We must vote for those who stand against racism, against policies negating/violating women’s or anyone’s rights, and against any policy that harms the ecology of our planet or its inhabitants (again, reference: the Bible and the Constitution). 

In the interconnected/computerized world of 2022, those who serve in government must have local, national, and global awareness. Considering the candidates in the upcoming election, I urge you to vote for Michael Bennett and Adam Frisch to represent us nationally and to elect Ryan Gordon, Becky Moller and Aron Diaz on the local level. State offices would be well served by Democratic candidates Polis, Griswold, Young, Weiser, Plomer, Roberts, and Velasco. 

Please vote for these candidates who will give their best to the Roaring Fork Valley, to Colorado, to America, and to each of you in the coming term.

Nancy Gensch