Gensch: ‘Mary Poppins’ an incredible spectacle |

Gensch: ‘Mary Poppins’ an incredible spectacle

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

After seeing the show Aspen Community Theater presents in early November each year, I often write a letter of praise, encouraging anyone and everyone, if you have not done so, to get tickets to see the play. This year, ACT is only offering six performances of “Mary Poppins,” and opening weekend was sold out. So, you might not be able to grab tickets for the closing weekend, which would be a bummer.

I’m not writing to encourage you to buy tickets since there could be none available. But, I am writing to congratulate and to thank the cast and crew on this most incredible presentation. The hard work and dedication all of you contributed is astounding. 

As often, ACT hit it out of the park. But, more than ever, this presentation of “Mary Poppins” was a spectacle! In all the years of enjoying ACT performances, we’ve never experienced anything like this. The sets, the individual performances, the music, the costumes, the colors, the lighting, the organization, the teamwork necessary to pull this one off, the tap dancing … oh my! The tap dancing … and the energy of this group of non-professional actors touched every person in the audience. 

You must remember — these are just your friends, neighbors, children, or friends of your children.  They captured their passion, pressed it together, and gave it to our community. We carried the energy of their gift home with us — and have shared it and pulled from it all day today. 

Again and again, thanks to all who contributed to the spectacular presentation of “Mary Poppins” — and deep honor to you, Ritie, for your years of service. 

Nancy and Wolf Gensch