Gensch: Gordon knows what Garfield County needs

With this letter we voice our support for Ryan Gordon to be elected as Garfield County commissioner. We have heard him speak and have consulted with many who know him — who know and understand his agenda, his integrity, his passion for western Colorado and his honesty.   

He graduated from Glenwood Springs High School in 1996. He grew up loving and appreciating the majesty of the Western Slope. He chose to become an engineer and now uses his expertise to help protect water and other natural resources in western Colorado. He has worked broadly throughout western Colorado counties and understands the many and varied dynamics in this constituency. 

Ryan knows that employee housing, fire preparedness, traffic management and Latina equity are crucial issues for the welfare and health of Garfield County in 2022. He is eager to address these and other challenges from the perspective of a young professional with knowledge of natural resources and current demographics. He is a father with young children whom he wants to raise in this wonderful and dynamic community. He is personally and professionally invested in every dimension of Garfield County — for now and for the future.

Help Garfield County elect a county commissioner who is dedicated to enhancing and preserving what’s best in us, understanding and supporting the greatest needs in us and securing a viable future for all of us. Please vote for Ryan Gordon.

Wolf and Nancy Gensch