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Fuchs: One bridge is enough

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Think about the Entrance to Aspen in terms of money. This is an infrastructure project, replacing an old bridge for a new one. The city admits that its proposed new bridge will not solve the current traffic problems. Putting aside initial design costs, which would be a cost of the city, the new bridge will largely be funded by state and federal funds. Thereafter, the costs of maintaining and eventually replacing the existing Castle Creek bridge will be fully borne by the city of Aspen. A bridge in that location will always be needed and would become the responsibility of the city. We only need one bridge. If the city’s proposal is accepted, we would end up with two.

But if a new Castle Creek bridge is designed now by Colorado Department of Transportation, it also would be built using state and federal funds. All of the costs going forward would also be borne by the state since that bridge would remain a part of Highway 82.

One way to mitigate the traffic problems during rush hours would be not allow left turns from Cemetary Lane and the golf course. This would not solve the “single-lane” problem completely but it would result in a more continuous flow of traffic.

The Entrance to Aspen, in addition to all of the other negatives, makes no financial sense to the taxpayers of Aspen.

Peter Fuchs