Fry: Soaring energy bills |

Fry: Soaring energy bills

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I want to thank Allen Best for his informative column Thursday on energy costs rising in Colorado. I appreciate when someone explains how I am getting screwed.

My son in Denver complained that his last two gas/electric bills for a modest home were just shy of $1,000 per month. Unreal. People are choosing between utilities and eating.

The reality is we have more natural gas in this country than any other. It is when it is permitted to be traded on the world market. This is why the huge fluctuations. Prior to Daddy Bush, all oil produced in America had to stay here. Could not be sold on the world market. Well, he changed that so it could. This is why we see spikes at the pump.

We are vulnerable to the world market. It is all profit driven and totally absurd. The next time you are at the gas pump and see one of those stupid stickers of Biden pointing to the price, saying, “I did this” — in reality Bush did this.

Ken Fry

Glenwood Springs