Fry: Centennial rent hike follows troubling trend |

Fry: Centennial rent hike follows troubling trend

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Centennial Aspen Apartments. How disgusting. Private-equity firms, hedge funds, and foreign investors taking over the housing in this country.

This is not unique to Aspen. It’s a nationwide problem. Housing should not be a commodity, but the wealthy have turned it into a financial tool. There are parts of this country where whole neighborhoods have been bought up by investment firms and turned into high-price rentals.

I don’t think the folks at Centennial have seen a 17% increase in their wages. I know all the realtor vultures love this kind of appreciation. Where does this all end? I guess when the average person has to live in their car, the markets will be satisfied.

Ken Fry

Glenwood Springs