Freeman: Wowed by TACAW events

I’ve recently had the fortunate opportunity to attend several extremely entertaining and mind-stimulating events at TACAW, The Art Center at Willis. My review: Wowed! Not really knowing what to expect from each gathering, we were pleasantly surprised and entertained by all three affairs.

My husband I attended one of the supper clubs, “Complete History of Comedy,” dinner and show. The food (in collaboration with Epicure), service, super-welcoming and friendly crew, and ambiance — impeccable. The experience — thoroughly enjoyable.

The next week, we attended the Haley Henderickx concert. The great performances, enhanced by TACAW’s small venue and beautiful acoustics, gave us another wonderful night.

The following week, I treated a friend to the International Jazz Day Brunch at TACAW. Again, super yummy food in a wonderful atmosphere, all complemented by a background of music videos from around the world, followed by an outside jazz band performance on the lawn — made it yet another fun time.

Three for three. TACAW’s venue and concept, with distinct acts and professional execution, make its events engaging, intimate, unique, and memorable.

We are looking forward to attending more wonderful arts /cultural/epicurean events at TACAW. I highly recommend treating yourself to an occasion at TACAW, sooner than later, as this wonderfully small venue (which makes it even more special) sells out quickly!

Shelley Lundh Freeman