Francis: Hoping to double prize awards |

Francis: Hoping to double prize awards

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In case you haven’t noticed, our global climate is changing. The ability of the Earth’s atmosphere to trap heat was hypothesized by the French mathematician Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier in 1824, and, following that observation, the Irish physicist John Tyndall identified greenhouse-gas molecules around 60 years later. This isn’t new science, but it is problematic because our entire global energy, mobility, and agricultural systems depend on fossil fuels.

So, what do we do about this issue? The Global Warming Mitigation Project is a nonprofit that takes this seriously, catalyzing the success of climate projects and programs around the world. We try to accomplish this in a few different ways — through an award called the Keeling Curve Prize (KCP), a climate career fellowship, and by working to create investment pathways. Recently, we launched our fall fundraising campaign, with the specific goal of doubling the amount of funding awarded to KCP winners.

Organizations that win the KCP are paving the way to a livable future by rewilding oceans, reducing livestock methane with seaweed, transforming supply chains, empowering front-line communities, initiating policy advancements, and much more.

Our 2023 KCP application period opens soon, on Nov. 1. We hope to announce the doubling of the KCP purse as soon as possible, as the prize provides a wide range of support for long-term success. We are seeking donations or pledges towards our fall fundraising campaign to ensure that funds are continually driven into proven climate change mitigation strategies.

If you choose to give, 100% of your gift or pledge will go directly to the projects and programs effectively addressing our climate crisis. And, you will be doing the right thing by helping the world reduce our dependence on heat-trapping fuels. This isn’t about winning or losing; this is about surviving.

Jacquelyn Francis