Fortunato: Hearing on flawed project Tuesday |

Fortunato: Hearing on flawed project Tuesday

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

On Tuesday at 3 p.m., the Eagle County commissioners will take public comment regarding the flawed Fields project. 

The Fields development application violates a number of Eagle County standards, plans and criteria. These include: The Fields project is not transit-oriented, there is no pedestrian trail, it is not compatible with surrounding uses, it lacks public benefit, the traffic study is inaccurate and defective, and it lacks the requirement of a sustainability analysis. These criteria are not optional nor are they amenities. They are requirements.

These specific items, as well as other violations and deficiencies, can be reviewed in detail at

The commissioners and the public have been misled and ill-served by Eagle County staff. The staff in their recommendations have repeatedly neglected to abide by Eagle County standards, plans and guidelines. The staff has rubber-stamped the requirements for the Fields project throughout this entire application process despite the project’s non-conformance and violation of standards.

On Dec. 20, Commissioners Chandler-Henry, McQueeney and Scherr astutely raised a number of these issues with the staff and the applicant. Now it is due time that the flawed Fields project be denied.

Mark Fortunato

El Jebel