Fornell: Right for the job

To all my friends of Aspen and Pitkin County, I would just like to communicate that to have a sheriff like Joe DiSalvo is a total privilege. He is an individual of quality, integrity and committed to his task as our sheriff.

We have all called on him to manage situations, which could have gotten out of control. So many of us have been able count on him at any time with his availability and desire to assist us through situations we have all had to deal with.

Joe has been there for all of us. His unique ability to listen to and deal with issues through his peaceful negotiations and towards resolutions of conflict has made him the go-to guy for all of us and the management of our upper valley and wonderful life.

No need to look at his record. There is no opposition that can question that. His work speaks for itself. If you haven’t needed his assistance, we have all certainly heard stories of our friends who have. His ability to calmly and peacefully deal with situations that could have easily gotten out of control has facilitated resolutions for so many. His desire to make and keep calm is the norm. We’re lucky.

Among his many efforts to be a front man for peace, one situation stands out for me. An unfortunate situation was brought to the forefront of our valley. Lee Mulcahy had a tough time, and our sheriff, Joe DiSalvo, managed, dealt with him and disarmed a situation that could have easily been national news. Instead, Joe recognized everyone’s situation and caused a calm and peaceful solution that almost no one believed could have been resolved.

Bitter adversaries and hired henchmen should fall on deaf ears. If all a person can do as an opponent is try and poke holes at a person’s friends and associates, they have fallen to the lowest common denominator. Joe has never done that, and he never will.

During 37 years of service, Joe has dealt with X Games, G7 summits, presidential visits, crazy person bombings and all that any sheriff could possibly think of and beyond. If I had to be in a difficult and challenging situation, I could only hope that Joe, who is always available for us all, would be in my court.

I vote Joe DiSalvo, and I encourage everyone to do so as well.

Peter Fornell