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Fornell: Can’t do that

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I read the letter submitted by Steve Saunders in the Thursday paper last week. Steve attempted to legitimize Mr. Ireland’s office use at Common Ground. Mr. Saunders appears to be confused, so I will help him or anyone curious to understand.

An HOA approval to do building/remodel work and permission to conduct activities contrary to the condominium declarations are not the same thing. Common Ground condominium declarations state, “Each unit shall be used for residential purpose only and none shall be used for any commercial or business purpose.”

Those declarations go on to state that any change to their governing documents require a two-thirds vote of the association at large and that any amendments to the declarations are not in force or effect until the amendment is written and recorded with the county.

No vote has ever been evidenced. No amendments to their declarations have been recorded. 

Their HOA board does not have the authority to change those declarations on their own. Thank you for your information. An open records request of the permit will identify exactly what the HOA allowed and whether they gave permission for commercial activities contrary to their condominium declarations in that permit application. I’ll keep you posted.

Peter Fornell