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Flowers: The world according to FOX

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

For the person who keeps writing useless letters every week, I heartily recommend switching channels just for a minute and see how many millions of dollars one very famous family (might have) received to their various bank accounts through many years.

Throwing stones at highly-respected justice for accepting gifts is just highly laughable in comparison. Please show me someone who turns gifts and perks down.

One has to be totally unaware to not see that the most crimes are committed in certain cities in certain states and often those with the strictest gun laws and by the mentally-ill just because law obeying citizens have them locked up. Sadly, we don’t have funds to help mental cases, just like we don’t have funds to neuter animals, so we rather kill them. However, we have billions to support wars.

If I would be this person, I would rather ask question where are these millions of people invited to our country? Where do they live and most of all, who are they? What you going to do when they come for you? Oh boy, these countries, they keep sending them to the promised land and are surely happy they emptied jails and mental institutions and we taxpayers picking up a huge tab for their upkeep, I believe.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to Aspen. But as soon as you leave La La Land, you can’t help to notice that we heading for Third Country status faster and faster.

How long can we pretend not to see homelessness, dirt, filth, and people shooting each other in daylight … in what used to be beautiful cities once upon a time.

We are still safe in our comfy little nest, but this can change fast … very fast!

Just look how drastically the country changed in just two and a half short years. Would you please do yourself a favor and change the channel just for few minutes to see there is another world.

Folks, wake up, please, before is to late because denial and repeated lies won’t serve you forever.

Flora Flowers