Fisher: Wrong sort of store, really? |

Fisher: Wrong sort of store, really?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Regarding Valley Fine Art in the Wheeler:

We are so amazed at the thoughts of the community on what should be in the Wheeler 500-square-foot space that Valley Fine Art has occupied for so very long.

The discussion in this paper of the meeting regarding this left us seriously questioning those whom we voted into office. This town is changing rapidly in a very disappointing fashion.

We have lived and worked here for 52 years and are still joyfully working here. It is we, the longtimers, who never anticipated this landlord-tenant situation nor the comments of “The who or why” someone should be allowed into the rental spaces. Do we need meet another “food” place or “new art”?

Thus we see so many empty spaces, and the town beginning to look like a Third World country instead of this wonderful welcoming-to-all town it has been for so long.

We want to honor someone who has been an honorable and honoring tenant to this landlord, city, and historical building — the Wheeler Opera House; someone who made it through COVID without missing a rental payment; and who has been raised here since she was 5 years old, Ms. Mia Valley.

Sometimes it is not about the money, but that is how it looks all over town. Only high-end businesses can pay the price that is asked, thus changing what this town was all about — the locally-owned sweet stores and shops that we all loved to support.

We humbly submit this letter in support of considering how to support those who make this town what it was meant to be.

John and Pam Fisher