Fisher: Choose one, and then the middle ground |

Fisher: Choose one, and then the middle ground

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We are 52-year residents of Aspen who still care about the quality and care of all who live here, or work here but cannot live here. Election Day is March 7!

Time is drawing near for our decision to be made, if not already done, regarding our City Council. In wisdom, we each have to choose who is great at helping the people, listening, understanding, and coming up with tangible and sensible solutions to really help our community.

We have three council candidates, two of who are seemingly very different from one another. Choose your best representative, and then seriously consider that if you vote for both of those how difficult it may be.

So consider seriously which one, and then consider Sam Rose as the one who will work with either of these two to make our city better.

He met our need to sit and talk when we invited him to our home to ask questions and get to know him a little. He loves great dialogue and the hope that the power of positive change in local government can bring about. He cherishes being an involved member of this community, and it seems he handles constructive criticism well, which is so important anywhere.

Please take your ballot to City Hall, and either drop it in the box, or take it inside, and take pride in choosing what is best for the overall well-being of our beautiful city. Vote Sam Rose.

John and Pam Fisher