Fields: Dems’ hands are hardly clean |

Fields: Dems’ hands are hardly clean

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

You have to love John Colson’s political hit piece in The Aspen Times Tuesday, Jan. 3 issue. That is, if you are purposely ignorant to the lies and “poseurs” of the Democrats, as is John.

In his his piece, he talks about Rep.-elect George Santos and the claims he made to get elected, and the many fabrications Trump has told. Then, Colson says that the Republicans are dishonest because they have used gerrymandering to make voting districts more favorable to the Republican Party. Certainly, Santos went beyond embellishment, and Trump, too, has been dishonest.

However, John, one of the biggest serial liars is none other than Biden. Try Googling “The full list of every lie Biden has told” … 139 and counting. Then how about Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren? She has spent her professional career exploiting a false claim she is Native American? The Democratic leadership is just as mum about both of them, as the Republicans are about Santos. Then, it does not take much research to find that the Democrats are equally adept and guilty at gerrymandering.

True dishonesty is one who attacks another for reasons they themselves are guilty of, Mr. Colson.

David Fields