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Ferraro: As hard on us as you

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Apologies, Curt Lyon, for your recent and frustrating experience upon arrival at the Aspen airport (“Get me off this plane”). Although there may have been five open spots upon your arrival, please understand not all are available to United aircraft.

Space availability isn’t the issue. Staffing is. The ground crew is working as hard as we can to welcome you to Aspen. We are incredibly overwhelmed with an unprecedented number of daily flights into our small airport ,and we are terribly short-staffed.

SkyWest is working hard to fill the open positions for ground handling, as we have had over 30 agents, mostly new hires, resign over the holidays and the first part of January.

If you’d like to be part of the solution, I encourage you to apply for a position with our amazing ground crew! If you like to travel, work hard, and love to be outside rain, snow, or sunshine, this is the job for you! Did I mention the starting rate of pay is $16 an hour? How could you say no? Come join our team! We are an eclectic bunch of ski instructors, property managers, Realtors, financial gurus, chefs, bartenders, and caterers — we even have an orthopedic surgeon, too! It’s a whole bunch of fun!

Please apply at Skywest.com, and list me as your referral if you make it through training and the rest of the winter season; I’ll be rewarded with $100, taxable, of course.

In all seriousness, we’re trying our best. Watching planes sit on the de-ice pad, waiting their turn, is equally as stressful on us. Instead of complaining next time, maybe thank the hard-working ground crew as you exit the aircraft. We’re easy to spot in our high-visibility wear! Peace, love and Aspen!

Jami Lee Ferraro

Snowmass Village