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Ferrara: The extra mile

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

During the 2001 Gulfstream III jet crash, I spent the night organizing the bodies of the victims. The next day, I met with all the parents who had just lost their children. After which, I went into one of the darkest episodes of my PTSD.

Only one person in the Sheriff’s Office noticed or cared enough to call me out: Michael Buglione. He didn’t say, “Call if you need anything.” He took me aside and asked me what I planned to do to regain my mind. He made me commit to a series of meetings to talk and evaluate my progress. Michael cared; Michael took action.

I also believe The Bumps incident was a setup.

A former deputy said Michael can’t win because “it’s not bad enough yet.” I don’t believe that. I still believe in Aspen and its citizens.

If you believe in honesty, integrity, honor, hard work, compassion, family, community get your butt off the couch and vote. Michael Buglione for sheriff.

Michael Ferrara