Ferrara: Earned my respect

Dick Kienast and Bob Braudis built a jail and instituted a kinder, compassionate style of incarceration that was overseen by administrator Don Bird for 30-plus years. I was fortunate enough to work for and be mentored by Bird for the last 10-plus years of his career.

Unfortunately, from about 2015-18, I witnessed Joe DiSalvo dismantle that legacy with one knee-jerk reaction after another. He opted to trade compassion and a least restrictive management model for body armor, tasers and pistols. He hired an administrator who meets every problem with a hammer.

The once compassionate paradigm at the Pitkin County Jail was replaced with inordinate punishment and isolation under DiSalvo’s watch and direction. Where once you would be met with respect and dignity should you find yourself being arrested, you will now be met with fear and intimidation, only to be shipped off and warehoused in a different county. 

I worked with Michael Buglione for nearly 10 years. I know him to be kind, compassionate, understanding and a real problem solver who earns respect rather than demanding he be respected. 

Vote for Buglione to be Pitkin County sheriff this November.  

Nicholas Ferrara