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Ferrara: Disagreed with jail management

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I worked for the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office for 10 years and was humbled to serve the people of Pitkin County. I am not disgruntled. I did not get fired. I left because I was morally and philosophically opposed to the changes that were made to how the jail is managed and how detainees were treated. I write this letter because of how much I loved my job and because I still care about the Sheriff’s Office. 

The change occurred under Joe DiSalvo and Kim Sills Vallario’s leadership. When Don Bird was replaced by Kim Vallario, the Pitkin County Jail went from a least restrictive model to a most restrictive model. That’s it. That’s why I left. And, yes, I was opposed to being armed in that building. Joe mandated we carry tasers at all times, even in the multipurpose and day rooms. That is a fact. 

The changes were the diametrically opposed to the philosophy and morals that I was taught by Don Bird. I witnessed anyone who questioned the changes made by Kim Vallario would get you labeled as insubordinate and disrespectful. I could not stay silent, so I left. 

I have no ill will toward any employees — past or present — at the Sheriff’s Office. I am sure the employees of the jail are fine people and take their jobs seriously, as we all did. It is the management that changed course, and I think the changes were for the worse. Just look at the current iteration of the Pitkin County Jail and compare it to the history of said jail. Joe has not explained how these changes are better for Pitkin County. 

Please consider this when voting, and vote for Michael Buglione. 

Nicholas Ferrara